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The long-overdue update // 2007-01-16

Hi. Yes, I know, you're probably wondering who the heck I am and how I got on your "buddy" list. I know I never post. Sorry about that.

So, I'm home again today for our third snow day in a row. That makes this a 6 day weekend, thanks to MLKJr. Day. I made scones this morning to try to score some bonus-girlfriend points with Steve, who never gets a snow day since he works from home. The snow is GORGEOUS. It's that lovely wet snow that stays on the tree branches and makes everything look lacy and delicate. It's been unusually cold for Seattle. One of my biggest complaints about this town has been its complete lack of seasons. Finally this year, the weather is showing some personality. I've had six or seven snow days (including the "wind days") since just after Thanksgiving. On the down side, it's been so cold in our house lately, that the butter I set out in my new butter dish is still solid after a week on the counter. So much for soft butter for my toast.

So, since I last posted, we went on quite a few weekend/long-weekend trips out of town including a trip to San Francisco, Portland, and Washington D.C. as well as a trip to Maryland for Christmas. I took Steve along with me for his first holiday with my family (hopefully not his last). I knitted an awesome scarf for my friend, Amy, for Christmas. I'm in the middle of two more knitting projects now. I read a few good books including Catfish and Mandala by Andrew Pham. I baked my first cake from scratch and now understand why people use cake mixes.

So, overall, life has been good. It's been quiet, but good.

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