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No! Not that! Anything but that! // 2006-08-27

I had a lot of vivid dreams last night. One involved being a Japanese pirate. Another was about work. But the one that woke me up and had me really upset was when I dreamed that "they" had cancelled NPR.

Can you imagine? I shudder to think.

So... a lot has been going on in general, but nothing has been so exciting that I felt like I had to tell someone about it. In particular, work has been full of drama, but I haven't been able to think of it in a catty enough way to make it entertaining reading. Here's the gist of it though - my supervisor and I had such radically different working styles and priorities that we were just not getting along that well. I always felt like I was walking on egg shells around her. She started about a year ago. A couple of months after she started, we got some new people. The new people were not very nice to me - and I firmly believe that at least 65% of that was because my supervisor didn't respect me or my style of working and about 35% because I did occasionally make a nuisance of myself. Well, she finally quit. On the very last day that we were working together, she FINALLY called a meeting with me to talk about the problems we'd had over the year. Apparently, I have been doing too much work. Yes, too much. Bringing the mail back with me when I got in to the office? Bad! Running the roster when it was months old? Bad! Keeping the database updated for our board reports? Bad! Coming in early one day to review files in a time of urgency when everyone else said they didn't have time to do it? Bad! Volunteering for tasks when no one else would? Bad! Besides that being just plain bizzare, if she had just brought it up at the time, it wouldn't have been such a big fucking deal. But no, she had to wait until our LAST day working together. And why WAS it such a big fucking deal? Because she made up all of these weird motives for why I was doing these things - to show her up, to point out that she was working part time, because I'm 'controlling' and wanted to do it all myself, because no one else could do it 'right' but me. Umm. Yeah. I was raised to do things that need to be done. If you see something that needs doing, do it. That was my motivation, plain and simple. I am SO glad that she is gone. I can't even tell you.

I've had a pretty good summer. I got to do a lot of things that I wanted to. We grew some tomatoes, went camping (pretty pictures can be seen here and S's can be seen here), went to San Francisco to visit my cousin, bought many beautiful boquets of flowers at the Ballard Farmer's Market, went bike riding, played croquet, went to TWO Fremont Outdoor Movies (both were Twisted Flicks - good times!), grilled stuff, picked blueberries, made pies and cobblers, and went kyaking. Overall, it was a pretty darn good summer. (And yes, I know, it's not quite over yet. Besides the fact that there's another week until Labor Day, Seattle's summer really goes through the end of September.) I hope your summer has been just as sweet or sweeter.

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